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The Restaurant
The "Taverna al Paladino" restaurant is located in the beautiful Taormina, in the historic Naumachia Street. The name was not chosen randomly; Indeed, inside, you can admire various scenes depicting the valiant campaigns of the young leader, painted on the precious ceramics of Caltagirone (Catania) and on terracotta. Newly managed, family-run restaurant with typical Sicilian cuisine, will make you enjoy every day, tastefully prepared delicacies, the quality of which is personally guaranteed by the owners. Cozy, intimate and quaint, it is the ideal place for your moments of relaxation, where you can enjoy typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine.
The Hospitality
The "Taverna Al Paladino" is one of the most popular Taormina restaurants, both for its central location, in the historic Via Naumachia, and for its excellent cuisine, whose dishes reflect the flavors and scents of Sicilian gastronomy.
For those looking for a restaurant in Taormina who can propose the finest aromas and scents of regional cuisine, the Al Paladino Restaurant is the place to discover all the charm of Sicily's most authentic gastronomy.
Taormina is a small centre of Sicily of about 10000 inhabitants, known in all over the world for its historical heritage, for the wordly environment and for its wonderful paronamic location. Located on the northeast coast of Sicily, Taormina dominates on the coast between Catania and Messina. The belvedere is really breathtaking. It’s possible to admire the bay of Giardini Naxos, Mount Etna and the famous Isola Bella which beautiful beach and the crystalline sea attract thousand of visitors from the whole world everyday. 
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The Restaurant

The restaurant Taverna al Paladino, is an historical place of Taormina where Sicilian art of the eighteen century meets the good simple and genuine cookery of other times. The inside room is furnished in Sicilian classical style with splendid candelabra in wrought-iron of the late eighteen century and purchases of unique art like a beautiful painting realized on the banks of an antique Sicilian wheelbarrow. The stories of the valiant paladins of the king Carlo Magno are represented on the splendid ceramics of Caltagirone. Not to be missed, the notable exposure of the notorious Sicilian pupis representing the paladins of the court of France.






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Since 2012, Tripadvisor gives us almost a score of 4, placing the restaurant at the top places in the ranking of the best restaurants in Taormina.
It is also well reviewed by online and nationally-online newspapers.

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The Service

From the à la carte menu you can choose your dishes and match them to the best authentic Sicilian wines doc and docg.
The scenery is from other times, a medieval glimpse, ideal for a dinner based on a rare romance nowadays.
It goes without saying that the reservation is always welcome.

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Ristorante a Taormina, Al Paladino
Via Naumachia , 12- 98039
Taormina (Messina) - Sicilia
Phone: +39.0942.24614
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